Self-Connection in the Woods

Self-Connection in the Woods is a self-awareness program for moms and other adults.

Parenting can be such a transformative experience.  Yet, that transformation often brings with it self-reflection, a new sense of awareness, and sometimes, struggle.  That can be tricky to navigate!  We often work so hard to create environments for our children where their needs are met and their feelings can be fully voiced and yet we struggle to do the same for ourselves.

That’s why we created Self-Connection in the Woods.  This is a space where you can safely connect with your feelings, (including the frustration, anger, and fear!) and create movement in your life for healing and growth.  As you move into a space of healing and growth, you’ll find greater capacity to be the parent you wish to be.

Join others who are on the same path, discovering how to “parent themselves” as they parent their children.

Babes in arms and toddlers are welcome to join us if you think that is something you’d like to try.  We offer Learning in the Woods sessions consecutively for non-dependent children and encourage you to consider that option if it makes sense.  Children are welcome to interrupt as needed.

If you would like to find out more about Self-Connection in the Woods this season, please check out our Program Schedule.