Learning in the Woods

Learning in the Woods is our multi-age, free play in the forest program.

We are unique from other programs in that we offer a large block of unstructured time for kids to pursue their own interests.  We have some structure and routines to promote connection such as our check-in meetings. Children usually play or take part in “offerings” which  can range from building a fort, nature walk, bird watching, painting…the list is as varied as the people participating.  Children eat their snack from home when they are hungry, there is no set snack time.

Parents are encouraged to volunteer, or, like other recreational programs, be available for immediate pick-up (should we need to cancel due to changes in weather).

Weekdays the sessions run for kids under 6 years and homeschooling families.  Saturdays, PA Days, and camp offerings are open to all kids, especially those in school.

Prices are listed on the Program Schedule.  Please remember to pack your own lunches, snacks, and drinks!

Camps and PA Days are for children who are 4-12 years old.  You can sign up for mornings, afternoons, or both.  Before and after care is provided at an additional cost.  Camps (summer camps or March Break camp) are $125 for 5 half days or $250 for 5 full days.  Before and after care is available at $12 per hour.  PA Day Camp is $25 for a half day, $55 for a full day (including lunch care).

**If you are a school interested in using Learning in the Woods as a class trip for a group under 25 students, please email Tanya to discuss!

Check out Program Schedule to find out more about this season’s Learning in the Woods!