Learning in the Woods (Kid’s Program)

This program is for children who want more freedom to explore in a multi-age child-lead environment.

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Stepping Stones (Young Child and Caregiver Program)

This program is for children who still require significant support from a parent or caregiver and are 18 months-6 years.

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Self-Connection in the Woods (Adult Program)

A self-awareness program for caregivers.

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Teens With Hot Drinks Talking in the Woods

This program is for teens who like campfires, hot drinks, talking and listening, and goofing off in the woods.

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Freedom, Trust, and Connection

At Learning in the Woods, we expect things to get a little messy sometimes.  We mean this figuratively and literally!  In fact, we encourage it. Kids are going to express a full range of feelings and we welcome the self-awareness and growth that comes with that chance for self expression.

We are different from many of the recreational programs in our area.  We believe that when you trust individuals in their learning path, give them the freedom to pursue their own interests, and help them connect with themselves, others, and nature, beautiful things happen.

So join us for some multi-age learning fun!  Join us for a chance to heal, grow, and discover!  Join us in the woods!


Next Steps…

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